Easy Calory Intake Control With Prep Pad Food Scale


Whether you’re counting the calories or just making sure you eat exactly what you need, quality- and quantity-wise, it’s great when you’re not alone in it. This Prep Pad by The Orange Chef guides you through the process of food intake and weight watching. It’s a smart food scale which gives you a detailed look at your nutrition. The scale has no display, but all it takes is an iOS device and, in a few easy steps, you’ll get it going. Download the (free) app, personalize your account and set a goal. The app will then create your daily calorie goal and you’ll always be able to check how much protein, carbs or fats you need to add to your daily meals. You don’t have to be a health fanatic to regularly enjoy balanced meals, just let this prep pad do the magic and help you with the process!

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